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We Waited : You and Me Are Pure Virgin Dating


You Me Pure

We Waited (ex You and Me Are Pure) is an exceptional concept that has been brought forward by Lety and Jose Colin. No one would ever have thought of such a dashing match making project. The idea is simple. It is an online dating site where virgin singles will have the possibility to meet and know each other.

The creators make it clear that the main objective upon “You and Me Are Pure” is making use of virginity aspect as a crucial compatibility characteristic in matchmaking. There are many people who do not take into account this aspect and just put it aside.

Nevertheless, as Lety and Jose Colin explain about their own experience, it was something different. They were both virgins when they met and it may be surprising but they remained like this until they wed.
Their experience together reveals great attachment and outstanding feelings for each other. The bond that they are into makes clear that virginity is a matchmaking aspect that should not be discarded. Sorry for those who are not virgins, it will not be a place for you!

“You and Me Are Pure” promotes premarital sexual abstinence too. There are many who might disagree but the concept seems interesting. The testimonial of Jose Colin is enough proving that it does work correctly. There are many singles that are somehow shy to talk of it freely. There’s no harm in such a lifestyle.

The services provided on this website go far beyond from making simple relationships or friendships , to check them out, simply register yourself for free and create a profile.


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