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So, would you be my valentine ?



So, ready for Valentine Day ? Love’s on the date and every moment seems so romantic. The cute couples will share the loveliest words, some of the singles will seize the opportunity to make their love declaration with a rose and the others will envy the love shattered. It is another atmosphere where the red color will be dominating. It is as if Cupid is down on Earth shooting his arrows to perfume the world with love. It is not the date for fixing a quarrel with your wife or hubby for they are expecting that you will be reserving the most romantic moments for him or her.

But beware that’s a date where you will have to be cautious. It will be mainly for the guys for they are more than just curious. This is the day where you will find different scams reaching your email account’s inbox. Hope that you have not forgotten the ‘I Love You’ virus that set so many PCs to get infected in only a week’s time. The same will come and some will not be so dreadful but it will just be pranks from some friends. Take care about it. There are many people who get fooled and at the end of the day they discover that it was just a friend who was texting. So if you see that you get some unusual mails or even some of the weirdest love declaration, do not just get to it at the first sight.

Yet many of these might contain some viruses too, so make sure that you get them scanned before opening them. Still Valentine Day might happen disastrous for some couples. It is the occasion for many to break up. As soon as you get a call and you are told that it’s all over, do not get depressing. Enjoy the day; it is rare to see so much love. Enjoy your life entirely.

This is why the advice will keep going, prevent any quarrel on the Valentine’s week. This might change the atmosphere and get couples closer. Gifts are also a big dilemma for couples. Many won’t know what to offer to their love partner. Big and expensive gifts are just too common. A simple flower will do. A lovely romantic candle light dinner in the open air will do, a sweet kiss, another public love declaration will do. It is not about the gift but about the real feeling that you had and which grown deeper.

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