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What about breaking up and then getting back together?


Normally many current successful online dating couples have met such experiences but coming to the real facts, it will be an inside matter. This will be actually sourcing from common grounds.

The main reason will be that one among or both of the partners will be afraid for complete commitment in their relationship. They fear that they do not happen to stay enough close and for each other for life. This is the first thing that may interrupt their relationship. It may take much time but at the end, they will definitely understand that they are made for each other or their opposite partner has been fully faithful to them. This is the most lived experienced among solid couples.

However if you consider the situation well, the whole of the situation of breaking up and getting back together is just psychological and have erupted from the mind only. This fear can be controlled beforehand, that is, before breaking up. The solution to this type of problem will in reality be comforting and always reassuring the other partner that you have been made for each other. Both of the partners should be caring.

Above all, there will be many misunderstandings that will show up. As soon as there is a misunderstanding, make it a must to clear it out. There are many people who just do not care if the other person is misunderstanding something about them. They will not make a move to clarify themselves. Misunderstandings are more complex and easily lead to temporary break ups.

Everyone can make a mistake in their relationship but there will always be a time for improvement and correcting those errors. If there was no temporary break ups, perhaps you would never have known the true feeling of your partner in your regards. It is all a cycle but do not let the break up take too much time to bring you back together.

Always keep in mind that the most important thing for having someone for life partner includes understanding each other. For doing it, you just have your own true words, do make use of it!

2 comments pour " What about breaking up and then getting back together? "

Dennis Miedema said,  

As a dating instructor, the number one reason for my students NOT being able to keep a woman around when they’re in a relationship with them is…

Thinking they have “arrived” as soon as they’re in a relationship. That the struggle for the soulmate is over, that the chase is over. The result: they create what I call a Relationship Comfort Zone.

– Guys start dropping the ball with personal hygiene: they’ll shave less, forget about deodorant, show up in work out pants, get their hair cut less, and so on.

– Where they first used to keep the farts, burps, and rude behavior to themselves… they relax and do it in front of their lady.

– Where they first created romantic scenery with background music, candles, etc. they suddenly don’t give a crap about that anymore and want to watch sports.

Slowly but surely, they’ll do less and less of the things they did when they were single because to them to already HAVE a girl and the struggle is over.

The result: women who fall in love with the guy with his respect for women, great clothing style, personal hygiene, and so forth… see all those qualities disappear one by one until they feel like they’ve been scammed.

The guy they started something with isn’t who he said he was or pretended to be in the beginning… and there they go and lose respect, lose interest, and either leave you as a man or cheat on you.

Moral of the story: don’t drop the ball, ever, keep doing what worked… and you’ll keep your relationship going for as long as you want.

And don’t even say yeah but all guys drop the ball and loosen up when they’re in a relationship, because whether you like it or not… women hate it. Just because 90% of the men out there do it, doesn’t mean they’re doing it right…

To More Dating Success,

Dennis Miedema
Win With Women


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