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Weopia is a virtual world dating service.

Online dating is a service open to the entire world and has been showing that it is effective throughout the last decades. Yet, there are many people who believe that online dating is time consuming and finding the right match takes enough time. Members who subscribe at online dating sites normally take around some three weeks to find a date. This is how Weopia has forward into another new concept that seems greatly compromising.

Weopia is a virtual 3D dating world where the singles will be able to join and meet each other live. As it states, it is a 3D ticket to love. This reduces the boredom of getting a subscription at an online dating site but however keeps the same aim, to make you meet your right match or friends.

Members at this enthusiastic website will be able to communicate to each other and know each other better. They are even able to play games and participate in quizzes that bring them closer in exchanging information between themselves. They will actually be having live communication contrary to online dating websites where you have to wait for emails or the other to be online.

This new concept for online dating promises less boredom, time consumption and intimidation. This will play in the favor of the person looking into a temporary or permanent relationship.

There are different levels in this 3D virtual game. As soon as you meet an interesting person, you are able to send invitation for better knowledge between each other’s personalities. The features are different from that at an online dating service provider and it seems enough effective with this new concept. It will no more take so much time to understand the person that you show interest into and also finding the real love. There will in fact be another additional feature that you would never have seen in common emails, chats and others. You are in a better position to understand the feelings of your partner or friend. It could have been difficult for sharing your emotions and personality through emails and chats but Weopia opens a new world to you.

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