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Traveling Encounters: Unique Dating Website for Business Travellers


Great news for business travellers. Eros Partners, LLC have launched this innovative dating website that is exclusively for those who need to travel a lot for work. According to A.K. Brennan who is the President of EROS Partners, LLC, numerous professionals are unable to maintain relationships due to hectic traveling and hence their personal life gets affected largely.

The new dating website Business travelers can create one profile  in their home city and can list up to four business trips. As soon as a new trip is planned , the website will automatically create a new view of the profile according to the destination city. This way all those on a business trip to that city as well as local people of that city can get in touch.

Members will have complete control over their profile and can specify settings as to who can view their profile according to various criterions like age, race, height, distance, and gender, etc. Also, to respect ones privacy a members can benefit from public and private profiles.

To promote this unique dating website, is offering FREE full memberships till December 2009.

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