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Unexpected boost in traffic at online dating sites


England is now eliminated from the World Cup but the passion in the world of football still burns in the hearts of the women and they keep on watching football. It has been a definite knock out for England and it has been some stone hearted hours written for the team.

In correlation to online dating, as soon as the England team experienced this defeat, there was a boost up in the number of British citizens at online dating sites. Their registrations increased mainly from the point of the male population. Yet the women are not visiting too much their favorite online dating sites, since they are still busy watching the FIFA World Cup 2010 according to a recent survey.

A score like 4 to 1 from the part of the Germany football team resulted in an increase of 53% in the traffic of online daters. Katie Mowe, Marketing Manager at, states that it was a complete astonishment to find so many men signing up at online dating sites immediately after this beating.

Many online daters look for compatibility over some personal characteristics but the tendency for this FIFA World Cup 2010 is that most of them are looking into football compatibility for the team they are supporting.

This tendency will keep up for the World Cup season and this could be a nice tip for the singles joining online dating sites right now. In fact football fans need love too. This could be the reason for such boost up in the registered members at online dating sites.

No matter what, after such a deception, they are trying to keep their mood up at online dating services in order to feel comforted. Hope that they get surrounded by caring persons so that they get out of this deceiving experience.

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