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Top Ten Characteristics of The Perfect Man: Are You One?


If you’re not sure what a woman wants, here’s a consensus of several women’s opinions. These are the most common traits a woman likes to see in her perfect man, and I know he is out there, somewhere!

1. A confident man knows what he wants and works at his career and his home to get it!

Confidence has often separated the wheat from the shaft Self-esteem has a lot to do with his confidence. Someone who knows he can achieve and is confident in himself to make those ideas into reality.

2. A Perfect Man is someone that’s strong enough to cook and do the laundry.

It’s not that we want the Perfect Man to do these things every day, it’s that we want to know he’s there and ready to pitch in occasionally. Give me a break! Can he cook a romantic dinner?

3. The Perfect Man is not critical and can forgive.

These are traits we women hope to reciprocate. Criticizing is a fear related activity and does not contribute to a healthy relationship. Forgiveness is needed in small and large amounts daily. Without it we become revengeful, unhealthy adults. Forgiveness is something we need to do for ourselves and others. Live in the moment and enjoy your life right now.

4. The Perfect Man takes responsibility and shares it.

Everyone makes a mistake and people who can admit their faults are admired. We know you are the perfect man but we also know you are human. You won’t be right 100% of the time. Just pick it up, let me help, and keep moving forward.

5. The Perfect Man has a sense of humor.

Humor comes in a lot of different packages. Learn to appreciate the humor that is his. Some are funny with little boy humor, many have a coy wit about them. I like the gentle sarcasm which at times bears a bit of truth. I especially like it when he makes the joke’s about him and not at someone else‘s expense..

6. The Perfect Man doesn’t have to agree with me but he can always listen to me and hear what I have to say without getting upset or defensive. He can hold me and let me cry without demanding I give a reason. Women just want to be understood and we seek comfort when we are sad without fixing all the problems today. We want you to play protector sometimes but even then understand, we can take care of ourselves tomorrow. It’s just really nice to have someone to go to when we are overwhelmed and frightened.

7. The Perfect Man thinks I’m the best he’s ever met and doesn’t have a difficult time letting others know it.

(It would be nice if the perfect man doesn’t look and drop open his mouth with the tongue hanging out when another beautiful woman walks by.)

Yes, we know, there is a lot of beauty in this world and we will no doubt come across some beauty that God has put here in the world for us. Appreciate it, look a little, but for the love of God, can you just keep your tongue in your mouth and glance instead of staring? I will do the same.

8. The Perfect Man is clean and dresses like he means it! Whatever he means.

We didn’t address this earlier, but it is important to note we like our men to keep clean, smell good.

How you dress is up to your style, but we want you to look good., even in shorts and a t-shirt.

9. The Perfect Man takes care of himself.

This means he’s attentive to his hair, his teeth, his nails and his skin. All the basic grooming we woman do all the time to make ourselves presentable.

10. The Perfect Man may be bald, short, tall or round in the middle. This is not what attracted us to our perfect man in the first place. Do you get it?

Think about your Perfect Man. Make a list of the 10 things you are looking for in a man. Make allowances for his human side. Give him permission to screw up occasionally. Your man may be right around the corner.

1 comment pour " Top Ten Characteristics of The Perfect Man: Are You One? "

birendra said,  

very nice, suits in almost perfect man.

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