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The truth behind online dating myths


As soon as online dating started gaining popularity among singles, there were many online dating tips, advices or still beliefs that followed. There are thousands dating myths that have been raging in singles’ minds. Nevertheless, do you believe in these myths? Do you believe that they are true?

One of the most common dating myths is that most of the singles are virgins, joining these online dating sites for having new experiences. However the scientific approach based upon different surveys proves the opposite. Most of members that subscribe to online dating websites are singles looking for true love, dates, friendship or for getting out of their loneliness and not at all virgins.

Yet, another well known saying that goes around is that online dating remains the last resort for losers. Another myth that goes biased by the scientific researches carried out. Most people associate this type of belief to online dating for there is no face to face contact on online dating and hence the singles are more at ease. This is not such if you consider the matter well.

It is clear that 20 percent of online daters finish by marrying the person they meet online. One additional survey shows that 94 percent of online daters always look for a second date and this depicts clearly that online dating is not for losers.

Men and women have always been tagged upon emotions. The normal online dating myth says that women are more emotional than men. There are many who thought such since long. It is actually men who are more emotional that women. The myth sources from the fact that women do not hesitate to shed tears.

It is the other way round if you consider the myths and its scientific approaches which are well based on different researches. Online dating myths developing can be explained through online dating becoming more and more famous and also that there are too many dating tips and advices which not based on any scientific approaches.

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