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Great Male Survey 2010


Great Male Survey

The Great Male Survey 2010 is actually a survey carried out by team. The idea behind this poll is to have a clear view about of what it takes to be a man, the true meaning of a modern man. The GMS is carried out each year and the Great Male Survey 2010 has been scheduled to be published on 20th July 2010.

GSM in itself, remains the biggest online survey carried out to obtain straight idea of what are the real perceptions of the male population over different topics. The statistics shows up the real modern man ways to identify himself, lifestyle, interests and more.

Some of the elements taken in consideration are romance in relationships, loyalty, divorce rate, mindset over cars or sex partners and more. This are many such little points onto which they carry out their survey. Their latest survey will remain the Great Male Survey 2009 which made great success over the active users.

The last GMS was simply surprising with the statistics that it contained, for example, 81% of men make endless effort to be romantic or like 69% of them have ever fantasized over their partner’s friends. The survey also shows the common trend that is taken by men in daily life such like about communication tools or about where they spend most of your time.

There are many assumptions that are set for describing a man but there have not yet been any data proving the definition to a modern man until started its GSM annually. This year, has worked in collaboration with Cosmo for similar question to be asked to female readers in order to have a possibility for comparing and seeing the relationship in between.

This is an innovative touch from the team and the Great Male Survey remains the greatest online survey over the perception of men on dating and sex, lifestyle and more. We should be able to have a look at the GMS 2010 on the 20th July 2010 and know what the mindset of the modern man is.

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