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The “Date Crashers”, the persons who dare


So, who are these people who are being known as the “Date Crashers” ? According to a website specialized in the online dating, this particular term refers to someone joining a site not corresponding at all to their criteria. These people join dating sites where they will are at risk to meet opposite profiles. They do not take in consideration any cultural or religious aspect into account.

Nowadays, it is essential to consider online dating sites come in a several flavors. For making online dating easier, some have not hesitated to create online dating sites grounded on specific themes. You will easily spot some sites created for a particular religion or ethnicity or even on your skin color. There is a slight minority that might be showing a racist ideology but most of the sites show clearly that it is just a facility offered to the web users for well situating themselves.

The “Date Crashers” do nothing wrong while joining these kinds of online dating sites for the fact that they are looking for other singles sharing the same interests. Unfortunately, this action is misinterpreted and many people show a concern about the “Date Crashers” stealing the show.

According to a renowned psychotherapist, the “Date Crashers” are not motivated just by their nastiness, but by the urge to meet the right person through all the possible means, even if they need to go off limits.

If you are one of these folks, the best thing will be to stick to classic online dating sites. This is because if you get on themed-based sites, you will not meet the right person and as a matter of fact you may also disappoint soeone!

4 comments pour " The “Date Crashers”, the persons who dare "

Dennis Miedema said,  

I like some of your other blog posts, but I have to disagree with you on this one.

Say person XYZ from Germany has a thing for latinas and get on a “for latin people only” type dating site, then let him. Seems to me he’s on the perfect site for his “type” of woman.

Same goes for joining a muslim or christian dating site if you’re not part of the religion: so? There have been thousands who converted to a religion for their lovers, so maybe they’re thinking about it already but haven’t found someone yet.

Maybe some guy or girl literally thinks “once you go black you never go back”, so?

All is fair in love and war, so, keep doing what works… even if others don’t like what you’re doing. Maybe they’re just bitter that they can’t get a date themselves, or maybe they’re narrow minded people who don’t accept people of “their” kind = racists.

People should be able to join any site they want. Period.

To More Dating Success,

Dennis Miedema
Win With Women

AS said,  

If the date crashers are joining a site that does not cater for them, surely it’s a fruitless exercise? Having said that, those on the site if the gate crasher does not fufil their criteria, surely they can filter them out?

Sacha said,  

I agree people should be allowed to join whatever sites they like. I share a lot of Dennis views, but I can see why it would be annoying if you’re only after a certain type of person.


One of my male friends used to do this….He seemed to enjoy giving lots of his opinions to those girls who he met on the site, who also have very strict religious background. He had kick out of making them doubt their own belief. I found that was kinda mean but those girls were really getting into him. So I don’t know…maybe date crashers might be a necessary evil..?!?

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