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The Datable


There is finally a aiding company that is using the same technique that Facebook used to consolidate information and capitalize off of its user base. Thedatable is a dating site that takes the current data on Facebook and allows people to traffic their single friends into a specialized database in order to find social connections.

The Datable

Though many businesses have tried this model, The datable has been in the business that has made it easier than ever to tag your friends that are single and push them into this singles network.

Using Facebook Connect, users can quickly tag friends of theirs that they believe to be single and looking. These people are then very into a database of single people that are also looking, making it much easier to find social connections of people with similar wants.

Studies show that only 4% of marriages occur after people meet online because they are not meeting through friends. However, what really makes this service unique is that people are meeting through social connections that are trusted, increasing the social connection between the people before they ever even meet. The makers of Thepayable are relying on this to separate their product from the rest of the dating products that are out there.

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