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The Art of Seduction


Seducing techniques grounds itself on physical attraction. Physical appearance and the look do account in dating even if it seems unfair. Style, haircut, clothes or accessories also add to it. The image that a person shows off plays a great role as the saying goes “the first impression is the last”.

Friendly Atmosphere

The environment is the first aspect that goes into conflict with your image. While approaching someone for a date, the atmosphere should be friendly and not a disturbing one. For example, do not get talking at a noisy place where communication might be wrongly interpreted. There are lots of places that suit the situation, cruises, romantic restaurants, moonlight strolls, amusement parks. It will be more suitable.


Partners like to see someone with a good sense of humor and a pleasant personality. You should keep away from showing hot tempered, depressed or stressful emotions. A smile is most welcomed for success.

Be your true self

It is not a fault to be missing the above elements for no one can be perfect. Attraction can be created by altering your physical look or personality for some time, but the best way is to remain in your true self. Do not show yourself as a different person from which you really are. This may be disturbing while getting ahead in the relationship.

Do not hesitate

Signals of attraction can easily be spotted and do not hesitate to catch up. Letting the chance go by will later on make you doubt on your self confidence. Never let opportunities slip out of your hand. The first step is what many find difficult. Starting the talk is simple. If for example, you are attending a birthday party, talk about the booze or music. You should adapt yourself to the environment.

As you see, that he or she talks freely, maintain the talk and discover her tastes, for example, music that she or he likes. This process will finally reveal whether there’s some kind of attraction in between.

Embrace Rejection

One of the most elementary seductions secret remains to embrace rejection though. Over 10 women that a man approaches, there may be 9 rejects. This is a common situation but you must not pay a damn care of what the woman is thinking about you and what her response could be. It does not matter if it occurs to you; you will have learnt something new at the end. Further experiences will add more and make dating fun to you.

So, if you are trying to get a date, do not forget your look and personality counts!

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