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Sugar Daddy websites : how does it work ?


Sugar Daddy

The term ‘sugar daddy‘ has been around for quite some time. Recently, a website dating service has capitalized on that idea. Seeking Arrangement pairs up wealthy men and women with attractive, younger companions.

The site is very straightforward and the goal is to pair people up. Sugar daddies (or mommies) sign up and pay for an account. There is a monthly fee of $50 and then a $1000 yearly fee that is used to verify a person’s wealth. He then lists the amount that he is willing to spend each month on a potential companion. Someone who is seeking can sign up and search for free.

There has been discussion around the site claiming it is too close to prostitution. Brandon Wade, who is the founder of the site balks at this distinction. He states that the goal of the site is simply to perform matchmaking where money is a main factor. This is clearly shown in the dollar sign and heart logo on the website.


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