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Stir Event by

Share is creating exciting single’s get-togethers in select locations to enhance your online dating experience. The Stir announces Event Nights! These are special, hosted events for singles only that give dating site members a chance to meet eachother in person and have an incredible time.

Stir Event

These hosted events range from wine and tequila tastings at exclusive restaurants and lounges to bowling nights and arranged dance lessons. Basically, wants to provide opportunities for members to become acquainted in person instead of just relying on internet responses. These event nights allow members to go way beyond a “wink” and have a real chance to meet other singles just like them. is planning many exciting event nights in many different locations so keep plugged-in to the website to find out where the next event night is happening.


5 comments pour " Stir Event by "

Maryjean Scano said,  

Where,when?? Im a member and didnot know abt this!!!

lisa novak said,  

I am happy to finally have a way to meet people and make new friends. And of course try to find that special someone. Having a speech disability has made it difficult to be accepted.

Sue said,  

I like meeting new people in a social setting. I want to find someone to share my life with.

Brent said,  

Are they doing gay stir events?

Cindy Weinberg said,  

I am an Interior Designer. I am looking forward to meeting some interesting people at “Stir Events”. I love to dance, and I am also quite active in the gym.

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