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Stickam Girls, Video Live Cams and Forum



Stickam is a highly interesting website which gives its active users opportunity to meet new friends around. It is basically a website to remain in contact with friends, family and create new friendship for those members who share same interests or who want to overcome themselves and get out of their loneliness.

It had been founded back in 2004 and is a live community which contains great loads of teens. Their service has experienced an outstanding boost during the years while every internet user was on an urge to join the website. This particular online community is outstanding and relates its popularity for the possibility to communicate via live webcams, stickams. Its webcam chat service is well rated.

It is also a great place for having your videos and photos and you can even do it directly from your mobile phone, do not be the last to enjoy its services. These services have been conceived for the general public comprising adults as well as children. No need to worry parents, there is no explicit content over the website and controlled with much care. It is strictly prohibited and much focus is put over its security settings.

Its webcam chat is exceptional providing you the possibility to chat with more than 10 users at a time. As they state, see and be seen at and it does not matter how popular you are at all. It is a website where you will find mostly teens.

They contain over 7 million of registered active users and experience a number of 4 million unique visitors monthly. The website has been well organized with a superb Help and Support team. For any troubles, it will be easy to consult their FAQ section where you will obtain the specific information.

For knowing really if the service is worth, of course, you should try it!

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