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Stay Cautious Of Online Dating Scams


There is no community which is growing as fast as the online community. People are using online services for almost everything nowadays. From shopping to bill payments, from researching to studying, everything is going online. Businesses are going online and romance too.

The concept of dating online is not new. More and more people are joining the online community for this. Ever since the era of Adam and Eve, dating is in trend. Like food and clothing, love is also one of the basic needs of a person. This is the reason all of us are in search of love. The most obvious reasons for people going online for the sake of dating is the scarcity of time and better choices. It is an old saying that where there will be honey, there will be the flies. Same goes with scammers too. As the traffic in online dating sites is increasing, so is increasing the number of scammers who are ready to solve their interests by befooling people.

Every day thousands of people fell preyed to these online scammers, pretending as females usually. Some have even lost thousands of dollars. In this article we shall discuss few most common scamming tricks used by them so that we could stay cautious. After all, prevention is always proven better than the cure.

  • This is the most common type of scam. After all 99.9 % of the scams commited online are for money only. Many times, the scammers use the trick of asking for airfares to come and meet you after having warm friendly chats with you for few days. Once they gain your faith, they come to the real point of asking money. It could be asking for help for some specific thing or for asking the airfares etc. It is infact a weird thing to ask money from some one whom you haven’t even met in real. Hence, when ever you are demanded money online, get cautious because most probably you are being played.
  • Once the scammer knows that you could be a possible prey, they will start finding ways to trap you in their web. Scammers usually don’t wait for you to initiate the contact. They are curious enough to e mail you or drop you a message in life chats or Emails. So, if you think you don’t know this person at all, it is advised to you to avoid such person.
  • Many times the scammers try to shift to personal Email contacts. The simple reason is that they are well aware of the fact that their profile might get deleted from the dating websites because of their spam ways of contacting people. When after a couple of talks a person insists to shift to emails, keep your eyes opened.
  • Scammers mostly show fake pictures in attempt to hide their own identity. When you think a picture is suspicious, search for it online and most probably it could be a magazine cutout too. They usually use the pictures of the loveliest and most seductive women. Be cautious of them and prefer live webcams.
  • Scammers usually avoid sharing personal information and try to divert your attention towards other things. Try to reply more on personal numbers which connect to a persons address. If you find the person is trying to avoid your personal questions like some shrewed politician, try to avoid such over smart ones.

Scammers keep on coming up with latest lies and tricks to trap you. You need to trust your instincts. Try to stay one step ahead of them and you might find the Mr. / Miss right for yourself.

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