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Speed Dating Tips to Impress


Speed dating is fun and quite interesting. For those who don’t know what it is all about, here is a brief overview. In speed dating women sit at tables that are numbered and men are given about three minutes with each woman until the buzzer rings. At the end of the speed dating, the women submit their scores to the dating organizers and send an email to parties interested in each other. In an evening, you can meet about six to ten people – at times twenty.

The concept of speed dating is just perfect in today’s hectic life especially for those who never got time to met people because they were first busy with university and then job. Though it may sound weird but it’s true that you can actually find the man or woman of your dreams through speed dating. And since physical appearance is important for two people

Are Looks Really Important? The answer is a big YES! It’s true that you should pay attention to the qualities of a person rather than on looks. But still looks are very important. Think for a while, it is a fact that we get attracted to a good looking person instantly and knowing how the person is the next step. So when you are going for speed dating or any other dating for that matter make sure you are looking good. Ladies can wear a nice evening outfit and men can dress up in jeans and shirt or a T-shirt which ever is comfortable. You can also choose a bright color that catches attention instantly but is not stark. Also, wear a nice perfume. Last but not the least wear a smile to enhance your looks.

Questions to ask: Well, you surely can ask some personal questions about profession, children, marital status, hobbies and more. At the same time, you can also ask some humorous questions to keep the conversation light hearted and memorable. It is not a good idea to discuss sex. When you are talking, make sure you are confident and relaxed. Again, discuss things that will lead to great discussions like favorite holiday destinations, childhood memory, person one admires the most and so on. Also, one most important thing to remember is to be honest.

Pay attention to your body language: Many people start tapping fingers or feet without realizing that they might be irritating or distracting the onlooker. Lean a bit forward while taking if you are interested but again don’t lean too much. Make sure your gestures and facial expressions are pleasant and do not put off the other person.

Keep a balance between speaking and listening: While talking, don’t just go on and on. Give other person a chance to speak so that you learn about the person. Ensure that as you are meeting people, you write the name besides the number clearly, so that later on you know who was who. If you go for speed dating with a positive and fun attitude you will surely have fun and so will the people you meet.

Tips for Following Up: When you receive contact information of people interested in you, reply in a friendly way. Express thanks and do mention that you enjoyed the meeting. Don’t keep sending mails if you don’t get an answer. At the most you can send one email to ensure that the person got your mail. Again your second mail should be sent not before a week. As a safety measure, if you decide to meet, meet in public and do inform you friend or relative about your meeting.

Last but not the least don’t take life too seriously, if you don’t find any nice person in one speed date session, don’t get disheartened. Be patient and positive and you will surely find someone special who will make your life beautiful.

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