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Pretty girl supports boyfriend’s business of dating cougars

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Catherine Holden has an interesting way of supporting her 23-year-old boyfriend Ron Jenkins’ job. This 21-year-old woman doesn’t pack her husband a lunch or give him moral support after a hard day at the office, because she’s set up a completely different line of work for Ron: she sets him up on dates with women […]

August 7 2012

The Datable

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The Datable

There is finally a aiding company that is using the same technique that Facebook used to consolidate information and capitalize off of its user base. Thedatable is a dating site that takes the current data on Facebook and allows people to traffic their single friends into a specialized database in order to find social connections. […]

July 8 2012 : A Dating Site for LinkedIn Professionals

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Hitch me

Online dating sites are filled with many members looking to find suitable partners. Unfortunately, it is also filled with pornography attempts, spam and people making false profiles to start trouble. These potential problems cause many people to leave dating sites and deem them untrustworthy. However, there is now a solution for members of LinkedIn, a […]

January 23 2012

Social Media & Dating: Five Things to Keep in Mind

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There is no doubt that the development of social media has imparted itself on our relationships. Most of us have our spouses or partners on Facebook or twitter, following each others moves. It doesn’t take long, however, for social media to cause you worry and anxiety over your relationship. You may find yourself beginning to […]

January 18 2012

Buump : bracelets with Facebook relationship status

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Ever been in public and seen that hot girl or guy, and aren’t sure whether or not they are single? Well that’s going to change, especially for those that have discovered The website is gaining a major foot hold in the way people showcase their relationship status, and millions have already seen the advantage, […]

May 16 2011

Facebook login : Chat Dating + Social Network

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facebook login

Login into and experience what is the most popular internet social networking site being used today. Maybe you have not seen what has become, well now is the time. Everything you know about online websites has changed for the better. Come see what you have been missing. Make friends with people from all […]

May 9 2011

Do You Look Good on ?

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Do you look good

DoYouLookGood is a high rated online dating service where singles have the possibility to meet new friends, search for dates or even find their soul mate. Their website is overall ranked 73817 internationally and has a traffic rate of 98.5%. Their service is provided to more than a country and originates from three most important […]

November 4 2010

Hi 5 on Login, Layout code

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Hi5 is one among the most leading social network which has been conceived for lonely users all over the worldwide. Its amount of online active users started experiencing a great boost during 2007 with its great popularity that it gained. The origin of the website’s name relies on the fact that you can give a […]

November 1 2010

Zoosk Affinity: a new feature on

no comment Written by just announced a minor update to its interface with Zoosk Affinity. More an add-on than a new service, Affinity allows you to specify your areas of interest such as your favorite music, favorite movies, books, tv shows and series, as well as games and favorite sports. The interesting thing is that you can import […]

October 20 2010

Tagged .com : Social Dating

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Tagged is a social networking service which was founded by two students from Harvard University, Greg Tseng and Johann Schleier Smith. Naturally, its features are easy to use and this is what adds to the growing popularity of its services. stood in direct competition with the Facebook, the leading social networking website. Still it […]

September 10 2010

Rent a Friend

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Rent a Friend is an online American-Canadian dating website providing exceptional services for those lonely singles that are spread all over the world. This is the ideal service offered for friendship matchmaking. As its name itself suggests, it allows its members to hire the services of friends. Of course, friends are always useful and bring on help […]

July 22 2010

Social Connect Blackberry App Dating

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Social Connect Blackberry App – Free Dating App. How would you like to find that special someone, for romance or friendship, based on location, preferences, or common interests? The Social Connect app is a fun and exciting way to make real-time connections based on exactly the type of relationship you seek and the kind(s) of […]

October 8 2009

State to State Connect .com : Adult Social Dating Network

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StatetoStateConnect .com is a new adult social network for dating and making friends. Social Portal that offers Networking/Dating and all around entertainment for adults online. President/CEO is Tegina Williams. Website: www .statetostateconnect .com

January 25 2009

Calisto100: the quality-based social filter for singles

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Calisto100 is a new social website for singles. But this site has a special concept: it provides a quality-based social filter for young professional singles who want to be featured in the top 100 singles in their city. Singles are rated by members and non-members. After review they enter or not in the top 100. “We […]

December 21 2008

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