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Slow Dating instead of Speed Dating


Forget Speed Dating. Britain‘s Singles Now Prefer Slow Dating to Speed Dating.

Forget 7 minutes per single adult.

Now it’s 20 hours on each first date!

This results from a study done by

– 18 Million First Dates in 2008, With 68% Initiated Online
– The Average First Date Lasts Over 4 Hours
– Build-up to Each First Date Occupies 12 hours.

1 The set-up – 5 hours 36 mins
2 Pre-date fantasy – 4 hours 45 mins
3 Pre-date preparation – 2 hours
4 The date itself – 4 hours 18 mins
5 Post-date analysis – 3 hours 30 mins
Total: 20 hours.

More than 10 hours before meeting up.

So what about a new concept called Slow Dating instead of Speed Dating.

Slow dating = you better now the person.. it’s obvious.

What about a slow dating during weeks or months..? ; -)

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