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Six Tips For Women To Avoid Dating Scary Men


It is so often that women end up saying oh, “He was not same what he was earlier”. Many women realize this fact after sleeping with the man that he is not up to their expectation and he has changed. Women usually like the gentleness in a man and they easily fell for this reason. When a man first acts gentle, the woman easily gets attracted but after some time she thinks that she is wrong and this is not the right man. Some men even turn violent with their partners after few dates. In this article we shall discuss few tips for the women to avoid such men from the very beginning.

Arrogance: Women should always be aware of men who are very funny, smart and articulate in the first date and then, when they open up and get frank after few dates, they proclaim to the lady that she is lucky to have a man like him and he can get anyone. These types of men can easily turn rude and insensitive and self obsessed from funny witty and sensitive types. One thing to keep in mind in this context is to make sure that this is over confidence or arrogance because some men love boasting too.

Easily Agitated: Mostly men don’t show this trait in them immediately. It is a wise idea to check him prior with few provocations if he turns red head. If he does it is advised to you to get out of that relationship immediately. This type of men usually proclaim that this type of attitude is strictly reserved for rare times but mind you, they can burst any time.

Commanding: Some men try to show as if they are very relaxed and easy with the relationship and as the time passes they start controlling their women. They are always curious to know that where their girlfriend was at a particular time, telling you what to eat and what to wear, interfering in your work etc. it is about time that you should realize that you are in trouble. It is the man’s own insecurity some where hidden deep inside him and this will keep on increasing with time most probably. Such men are always paranoid that you are dating on their back and sleeping with other men. Relationships lie on the basis of trust and when there is no trust factor in a relationship, it weakens for sure.

Workaholics: Many women face this problem. Such men are not short in count. They love to spend their time in doing business. They forget the fact that their partner needs them too. Such men always are either working or too tired and it is no fun to be in their company. Working is not bad but a person should give the required time to the relationship too, else it gets boring and then finally loses its warmth.

Flirt: Men who think they are too smart sexy and outrageous, they are usually proven bad partners. Most of the times, the woman discovers that she is not the only one with whom he is dating. Such people can easily shift preferences in life and leave you in the middle. It is advised to you to go for a person who cares you more than what you care him.

Miser: Believe it or not there are many men who think that their girl is a total dumb lady and she does not know the worth of money. Such people can even ask questions about very minute sums and deny lending the parking ticket money even. You will often find this type of men complaining that, “Oh the dinner was too expensive”. Better avoid such men who are not even willing to spend on the necessary expenses of the life.

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