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Share has been around since 1997 and is considered as the oldest and most visited Indian matrimonial website. Among the various Indian online dating services, it remains the most rated one. It is the ideal place for Indian singles to obtain the opportunity to meet each other for friendship, dating or long term relationships.

As the name itself suggests, has been mainly conceived for long term relationships ending up in marriage. As such, it has proved successful in joining Indian singles in marriage, registering more 1.3 million of marriages up to the date.

The matrimonial service provides exceptional service since anyone can sign in to benefit from its matching concept. It takes into accounts different characteristics such as the residential address, caste, personal interests and also physical aspects.

The most helpful feature proposed is that there is a Guiding Wizard that provides you assistance through its search process. This is a real advantage for those who are not familiar to its interface. Hence navigation through the interface is made easier and quicker.

India’s leading matrimonial service provider is none other than taking into account the number of visitors per day. You can check its services through free membership. You will benefit of its basic services but premium membership will allow you to use all of its services.

The main targeted region is of course India but if you are an Indian residing in foreign locations, you can also make use of the service provided for finding a good match from your country of origin. If ever, you see a potential match, you can discover more about him or her through their instant messaging system.

It has already been thirteen years that it is providing its services to the world of singles and it has proved its matching concept works, so why not try it?

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