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Relationship Troubles: Find Out WotWentWrong


Each year, many relationships come to an end. Whether the end was abrupt or long and drawn out, it can leave lingering questions in the minds of those who were left behind. It can be difficult when trying to figure out exactly what went wrong in a relationship so as to avoid these actions the next time around. However, with the introduction of, you can now gain valuable insight into where your relationship went wrong.

Wot Went Wrong

With the emergence of many online dating sites, it is about time that an online dating advice portal makes its debut. seeks to get you the answers you deserve after a failed relationship or a failed date. In order to get started, you sign up on the website with minimal information.

The site will ask you your name, the first name of your date, the length of your relationship and how it ended. You will then be able to choose a template to address your comments and concerns in. The templates range from silly to philosophical in nature – an attempt to include all personality types. You will then answer a series of questions as a “tease” factor in an effort to get your date to want to respond. The questions vary and you may even create your own.

Dating – whether you meet online or in person – is a difficult journey, until you find the one that you were destined to be with. When a relationship comes to an end, instead of being left in the dark, you now have another option – ask for clarity. You may not get a response, or the one you were hoping for, but you will be able to come to terms with the answer and move on. So the next time a relationship ends or a date goes wrong – simply ask, file the information and move on in your attempt to find your soul mate.

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