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Pretty girl supports boyfriend’s business of dating cougars


Catherine Holden has an interesting way of supporting her 23-year-old boyfriend Ron Jenkins’ job. This 21-year-old woman doesn’t pack her husband a lunch or give him moral support after a hard day at the office, because she’s set up a completely different line of work for Ron: she sets him up on dates with women that are at least three times his age.

Ron solicits dates from older women on various Internet dating websites, in hopes that the pay will help support the cost of his university tuition. Amazingly, Catherine does not object to this morally questionable method of earning and actually supports him.

The term “cougar”, which implies an older woman who seeks out romance with much younger men, has become more and more popular in the past few years. For example, a popular ABC sitcom, “Cougar Town,” blatantly exploits the popularity of the term.

However, the Courteney Cox show did not bring inspiration to Ron and Catherine’s business model: they claim to be inspired by One Direction singer Harry Styles’ former relationship with 32-year-old television presenter Caroline Flack for their business model.

In the past year, Ron has earned £3,000 from his online dating, not counting the many gifts that his clients have provided. But Catherine is not bothered by this, as she believes that his service brings happiness to both his clients and themselves. Ron just takes them out to dinner or exchanges texts, with no sexual contact.


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