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The Big and The Beautiful Dating Commercial for Superbowl Rejected by NBC


The winner of America’s Next Top Model – Whitney Thompson – submitted a commercial to be considered for airing during the Superbowl on NBC. The commercial focused on her dating website for plus sized women – the Big and Beautiful – named after a famous soap opera. The commercial was refused by NBC due to being unfit to air, according to a rejection email she received. What was meant by the rejection isn’t clear, but Thompson is going so far as to imply that the commercial was refused because it features plus sized women where most Superbowl commercials feature skinny women dressed in skimpy clothing.

Big and Beautiful

Many critics say that the commercial – which is aimed at promoting women who are shapelier – is not well done and does not get Thompson’s message across clearly. While the ad is supposed to bring awareness and more business to her online dating site, it features a petite blond and several men who are searching online for women. This leads to confusion amongst viewers as to the real message behind her commercial.

Advertising executives have suggested that the ad was not rejected because of its focus on shapely women, rather the quality of the commercial is poor. In addition, the video – widely available for viewing online – shows a skinny woman’s backside for a lengthy duration.

When asked, NBC representatives offered the real reason for the rejection. It was not a real rejection at all; Thompson simply failed to submit an “order to buy” which the network requires to be considered for commercial space.

Thompson established her dating site, The Big and the Beautiful as a way to find a mate without experiencing the frustrations that she had with other online dating sites. The site, which only launched a month ago, is already in the limelight. Despite the controversial nature of the attention, it may be more effective in driving traffic to her website than her intended commercial.

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