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Data released by Experian Hitwise and ComScore report that was the most visited dating site in the period between January and June 2011.

Traffic to the site was consistently higher for the first half of the year. Both internet data agencies found an average of 54 million visits monthly from the US alone, and a total of 90 million a month worldwide. This is twice as many visits as the website’s closest competitors, who peaked at an average of 27 million US-based visits per month.

This traffic amounts to a total of 28.87% market share over 6 months, with May being the top performing month at 68 million US visits – an outstanding 37% share of the 187 million US visits to dating sites for the month.

Numbers gathered by Experian Hitwise also indicate users spent more time at the site, clocking at an average of 20:54 minutes per session; again outperforming its closest competitor by a full 54%.

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