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Pirate Date .com: the truth is out there


Pirate Date is an online dating site launched by the website The Pirate Bay (TPB) and it comes with some ground-breaking concepts compared to the traditional dating websites. It has been founded with the purpose of finding the best matches for anyone and this will primarily be due to information integrity and availability. This means: how efficiently information is shared between users (and the of these trustworthiness information!)

For this PirateDate implements some great security system that keeps you away from frauds and lies. This mechanism keeps fake web profiles, information and pictures away from its users. Members work on a system of social trust by confirming their true identity. This type of service is rarely seen on online dating sites.

Members who create their profiles on other online dating sites, are normally guaranteed enough privacy but breaks the rules. It keeps profiles open to all members for this can help in proving that the profiles and pictures are genuine.

Pirate Date makes online dating more realistic. It brings it to a concept similar to real life dating. All members are able to date friends of friends without any restriction. “Potential dating” is taken in great consideration for achieving the best matches. This ensures easy dating.

One additional feature that many members will like is that Pirate Date works in association with Facebook. Sign in to your Facebook account via the PirateDate interface and this opens up to a trustful world. From there you can bring on your friends, update your account on Facebook..etc

Pirate Date also works on a Social Proximity feature that allows its members to understand their cumulative trust between each other. This is a marvelous advantage that takes into account the relationship in between members and what they share.

It will always be good to know that trust plays a great role between singles searching their best matches. This online dating site will definitely surprise you, people! Just check it out!

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