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JDate : Dating Jewish Singles


JDate is an online dating service which aims principally the Jewish singles. This is the prime online dating service that has ever founded for the Jewish community. It is constituted of 600 000 lively members up to date. It is a convenient place for acquiring love and also to create a fresh friendship network. It […]

Plentyoffish.com iPhone App


Online dating is experiencing a great boom along in the cyber world and this is the reason to why Plenty of Fish has not yet said its last word. The founder of this particular online dating website, Markus Frind, has been concentrating on ameliorating its services but now he has hit with an exceptional development. […]

Christian Cafe Religion Personals

Christian Cafe

Christian Cafe is an online dating site conceived crucially for Christian singles who are hunting for dates and constitute of over 100 000 Christian active members till the present day. It has been established for every age group to benefit from its online dating services. Normally, it targets the English speaking people which forms great […]

Weopia.com Virtual World Dating


Weopia is a virtual world dating service. Online dating is a service open to the entire world and has been showing that it is effective throughout the last decades. Yet, there are many people who believe that online dating is time consuming and finding the right match takes enough time. Members who subscribe at online […]

Christian Mingle

Christian Mingle

Christian Mingle forms part of the Online Dating websites dedicated to Christian singles looking for the right partner or new friends. It’s up to you then, to initiate romance or a permanent relationship, which will end up in marriage. It could be a sound decision to join this particular website in order to look for […]

Is Mobile dating just a joke?

Mobile dating is said to be an extension of the Online Dating according to several companies that specialize in the development of this type of social platform. This feeling is not shared by a large numbers of people. For many, the mobile dating is for sure a joke, a waste of time and does not […]

Virtual Dating Assistants

The role of the Virtual Dating Assistants is to provide support in your search for the most compatible match. But, they also exist for safety reasons. There are many online daters who believe that they found the right match online. However, during a face to face date it may happen that this particular person is […]

Korean Friendfinder

Korean Friend Finder

Korean Friendfinder is an online dating service mainly targeting the Korean population with actually over 9,286,803 participating members. Its website was founded in 1999 and has been in great move for the improvement of its services till now. It will be the right place for Korean singles to wander in the search for romance and […]

Italian Friend Finder www.italianfriendfinder.com

Italian Friend Finder

The Italian Friend Finder is an online dating website where all the Italian singles can find their romance partner or friendship. This particular website is the right one for getting out of loneliness and of course to have some good time on the net. It has over 80 000 registered members till the day and […]

Ultimate Online Dating Playbook for Men : a guide for better dating

More and more singles are getting subscribed on online dating sites having as objective to find their right match. They are in search of love but in reality, they find it too hard for it seems taking ages to find the one. Most of them lack of patience in their quest and in addition it […]

It’s all about getting the right date

According to the psychologist, Terri Orbuch, there are many singles that tend to some misconceptions about online dating. They believe that getting at online dating sites will get them easy dates, which is not really the case. Nevertheless, a survey carried out with 40 millions of Americans subscribed at online dating sites, has clearly proved […]

Pirate Date .com: the truth is out there

Pirate Date

PirateDate.com is an online dating site launched by the website The Pirate Bay (TPB) and it comes with some ground-breaking concepts compared to the traditional dating websites. It has been founded with the purpose of finding the best matches for anyone and this will primarily be due to information integrity and availability. This means: how […]

BigChurch .com : Religion Christian on www.bigchurch.com

Big Church

Big Church is well known for being the greatest online dating site for Christians and Catholics. The online dating site counts over 410,000 active members till the date and obviously has made great proof in searching the right match. The online dating site, BigChurch.com exists in the Cyberspace since 2000. The greatest advantage that you […]

The new Official Match.com Blog


The Official Match.com Blog keeps you up to date about romance and online dating news. It plays a great role in the romantic life of many Americans and naturally has brought in a different point of view for online dating. The blog also relates different experiences from its members. Match.com is one of the most […]

The “Date Crashers”, the persons who dare

So, who are these people who are being known as the “Date Crashers” ? According to a website specialized in the online dating, this particular term refers to someone joining a site not corresponding at all to their criteria. These people join dating sites where they will are at risk to meet opposite profiles. They […]

IndianFriendFinder .com for love, romance and friendship

Indian Friend Finder

Indian Friend Finder exists on the web since 1996 and has a total number of 546 363 members presently. It will be the ideal place for Indian singles to roam for love, romance or friendship. It has been since these last fourteen years joining many singles through their exceptional matching concept and it has shown […]

What about breaking up and then getting back together?

Normally many current successful online dating couples have met such experiences but coming to the real facts, it will be an inside matter. This will be actually sourcing from common grounds. The main reason will be that one among or both of the partners will be afraid for complete commitment in their relationship. They fear […]

Online Dating Services Most Used by Canadians

Canadians make use of online dating services most than any other people from the other regions of the world. It has been found that they set themselves in different social networks and it is actually a normal thing to them. This is what the famous web measurement company, comScore’s survey shows. It will be the […]

FilipinoFriendFinder .com Dating Singles


Filipino Friendfinder at the present date consists of more than 40 000 members and is the platform at which Filipino singles will be able to find themselves a date. This particular dating service has been created none other than the founders of the three top dating friendfinder service providers. Votre navigateur ne gère peut-être pas […]

Do you need to have money to find love ?

Mankind nature has been in constant progression through all these years. In the past, there was there was arranged marriages where the couples would never have met themselves before. Nowadays, it is online dating that has taken great place in the human society. It will not be a surprise for everyone is evolving with its […]

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