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Online Scam : $485 million last year in United States

A report released on May 10 revealed that online scams cost Americans $485 million in 2011. The nature of the scams detailed in the report include identity theft, “romance fraud” and a newly emergent method involving fraudulent auto sales. The data, collected by the Internet Crime Complain Center, indicates a 3.4 percent rise in the […]

Niche Dating Sites becoming very popular

Do you know what a niche online dating website is ? A service for singles with specific interests : christian, sport lovers, geeks, political supporters, etc. They are growing in popularity more than ever in 2012. “What was once considered an unusual way to meet people is now growing in popularity by leaps and bounds. […]

Relationship Troubles: Find Out WotWentWrong

Wot Went Wrong

Each year, many relationships come to an end. Whether the end was abrupt or long and drawn out, it can leave lingering questions in the minds of those who were left behind. It can be difficult when trying to figure out exactly what went wrong in a relationship so as to avoid these actions the […]

New Dating Site for Canada

dating canada

Now all Canadians can enjoy an online dating site with a touch of French elegance. The leading French Canadian online Dating site Rencontre.ca, is now offering Anglophone Canadians the opportunity to meet their ideal partners with a touch of Gallic style. Whether you are seeking romance or physical passion, flirtation or love, or someone of […]

Match.com: Demi Moore’s Solution?

If you follow celebrity gossip, you already know about the highly publicized Demi-Ashton divorce proceedings. What you may not know, however, is that Demi’s best pal Jennifer Aniston, is encouraging Demi to try online dating with a popular site – Match.com. When Jenn split up with Brad Pitt, she turned to Match.com as a way […]

Microsoft Bing at iDate 2012 Dating Industry Conference

iDate 2012 Miami

Bing will be featured this year at the iDate dating industry conference in Miami. Jason Dailey, Bing’s Director and Duane Forrester, Bing’s Senior Product Manager, are teaming up in an effort to bring more awareness about Bing and Yahoo’s resources to the dating industry. They plan to discuss how online and mobile dating websites can […]

The Big and The Beautiful Dating Commercial for Superbowl Rejected by NBC

Big and Beautiful

The winner of America’s Next Top Model – Whitney Thompson – submitted a commercial to be considered for airing during the Superbowl on NBC. The commercial focused on her dating website for plus sized women – the Big and Beautiful – named after a famous soap opera. The commercial was refused by NBC due to […]

Ashley Madison Launches in Australia in Response to Growing Demand

Ashley Madison

There are many different niches for online dating, so it should come as no surprise that Ashleymadison.com caters to married people. The premise is simple – the dating site is designed to help married people carry out extra marital affairs. While the website is designed for both men and women, owner Noel Biderman said that […]

Hitch.me : A Dating Site for LinkedIn Professionals

Hitch me

Online dating sites are filled with many members looking to find suitable partners. Unfortunately, it is also filled with pornography attempts, spam and people making false profiles to start trouble. These potential problems cause many people to leave dating sites and deem them untrustworthy. However, there is now a solution for members of LinkedIn, a […]

Cupidtino: Online Dating iPhone App released

Cupidtino mobile app

It was just about two years ago when an independent dating site designed for Apple users was released. Many people thought the dating website – Cupidtino – would be short lived, but alas, the site has proven to be successful. Not only is the online dating website still functioning with a large number of members, […]

Chatroulette : Capitalizing on Referral Traffic


With any dating site, you always end up with a few people who decide that they want to share too much – explicit details, nude photos and the like. Chatroulette, an online dating site with chatting features takes advantage of the situation – instead of blocking the traffic; they refer it to other sites and […]

Social Media & Dating: Five Things to Keep in Mind

There is no doubt that the development of social media has imparted itself on our relationships. Most of us have our spouses or partners on Facebook or twitter, following each others moves. It doesn’t take long, however, for social media to cause you worry and anxiety over your relationship. You may find yourself beginning to […]

Online Dating Reveals: What’s in a Name ?

Best Worst Names online dating

In a new study, it has been revealed that online dating profiles are less likely to be reviewed if the profile has an unattractive name. Such names include those like Kevin, Justin, Marvin, Dennis, Mandy, Celina, Chantal and Jacqueline. According to the study, these names are associated with troublemaking activities and as a result, get […]

Online Dating for Latter Day Saints (LDS) and Religious Members is becoming more popular

LDS Singles

Online dating sites that cater to members of religious affiliations have been significantly increasing in activity. Many members of Christian Churches and Latter Day Saints (LDS) church have moved online in an effort to secure partners. Online dating sites such as LDSsingles.com cater to religious members who simply want to meet people without the strain […]

iTiggy : Traditional online dating model Reversed


iTiggy, newcomer to the world of online dating has taken a completely different approach to having members connect. Where most online dating sites allow people to meet online first, then possibly meet offline, iTiggy reverses the roles. The website is instrumental in bringing together people who have already had an encounter offline by bringing them […]

Twoo : Finally – A Real-World Approach to Online Dating


If you believe that all online dating sites are the same – think again. Twoo.com has taken a different approach to online dating – a real-world approach. Rather than try to match members up with results from compatibility tests and personality assessments, Twoo allows members to search for local members that they may be interested […]

eHarmony iPad App makes online dating easy

dating online

eHarmony recently launched its iPad application, an efficient way to meet singles online with your mobile. “About one in five relationships are now starting out online, and chances are you even know a couple who met through a dating site. There used to be a certain stigma about meeting someone online. But the numbers don’t […]

Online Dating Summit : a new dating conference

Online Dating Summit

It’s almost time to gather for the First annual Online Dating Summit (*) to be held at the Miramar Hotel, in Barcelona, from March 2nd through the 5th. This will the place to be for meeting up and networking with important contacts within online dating industry, and will be a who’s who of what’s important in […]

Unlucky Names in Love

If you are looking for singles or love on online dating sites, I hope for you your name is not Mandy or Kevin. These names received by far less emails on communications. But if you are a Alexander or Charlotte, you will have a lot more chances to find love… “New research suggests that hopeful […]

Big Breasts : a winner in Online Dating

big breast

Statistics never lie : according to a survey by miami-based dating site LatinEuro.com, girls with big breasts get more attention and are very popular than other women. Busty Women are outperforming girls in bikinis, girls with Beautiful Faces, Athletic Girls, and Black or White Girls. “To some extent this phenomenon is due to plastic surgery. […]

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