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Traveling Encounters: Unique Dating Website for Business Travellers

Great news for business travellers. Eros Partners, LLC have launched this innovative dating website that is exclusively for those who need to travel a lot for work. According to A.K. Brennan who is the President of EROS Partners, LLC, numerous professionals are unable to maintain relationships due to hectic traveling and hence their personal life […]

Beautiful People Dating : another controversial website

Beautiful People brings another controversy in dating world. This website is a dating and social network for only… Beautiful People. How does it work ? When you sign-up, you provide a beautiful picture of yourself and existing members can rate your face (and profile they said) during 72 hours. After this, you are accepted… or […]

Lesbian Sites offer the highest conversion rate to date

The white label dating provider Bone-Fish revealed that Online Dating and Adult Dating are not anymore the best converting markets. Actually, they have been surpassed by the lesbian network that have an impressive 12.5% conversion rate. Note: Adult network has a conversion rate of 9.8% and the romance network 8.8%. BoneFish has an affiliate portfolio of […]

Ashley Madison Ad in 2009 Super Bowl

Controversial extra-marital dating website Ashley Madison will be advertising for 2009 Super Bowl. According to PRNewswire, Infidelity Dating Site AshleyMadison is placing an ad in the SUPER BOWL XLIII Game Program LOS ANGELES, Nov. 6. (Official Super Bowl Guide). Note: The NFL has not approved the ad yet. “Considering ESPN pulled AshleyMadison.com from advertising on their network, […]

Online Dating Leads Statistics from Zanox

According to Zanox Marketing Platform, Leads to Online Dating Sites are highest between the working hours, 7:00 am to 5:00 pm. The highest CTR (Click Through Rate) occurs at lunch time between 11:00 am and 2:00 pm and at the end of the day after work between 4:00 pm and 6:00 pm. Zanox’s Research also […]

Meet747.com a new Speed Dating Service

Meet747 .com is a new service that offer Speed Dating encounters across the Midwest in USA. “Meet seven people for $7 dollars! One hour, seven people, eight minutes each” is the concept. Meet7For7 is available for now in the States of Texas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Kansas and Utah.

Ashley Madison now offering Affair Guarantee Program

The website for Affair Dating and married people who want to cheat, Ashley Madison, is now giving an Affair Guarantee Program. This means that if you don’t have an affair within 3 months they give you your money back. Affair Guarantee Program Rules as of November 4th 2008: Under the AshleyMadison.com Affair Guarantee Program, (the “Affair Guarantee Program” or […]

Askmen Dating : Partnership with Match.com

Askmen, a website dedicated to male just launched Askmen Dating in partnership with Match. The section is called Askmen Dating & Sex. The partnership will allow Ask men visitors to browse profiles before registering. AskMen.com was founded in August 1999 by Ricardo Poupada, Christopher Bellerose Rovny and Luis Rodrigues. It is the largest men’s lifestyle website with 7.2 million […]

The Worst Gifts for New Relationship

Here is a Top-10 list of the worst gifts to give for new relationships. List by Belinda Goldsmith from Reuters: 1. Unless you are planning on proposing, avoid gifting jewelry, especially a ring, as that perceived level of commitment may intimidate your sweetheart. 2. While a ring may be considered overboard, anything impersonal, such as […]

Fat is Beautiful using Web 2.0

Fat is Beautiful, a dating site for overweight People, is using Web 2.0 to bring a genuine interactivity. The site is targeting the 60 million obese Americans and overweight persons. “By crafting clear, spacious web pages that aren’t overwhelmed by a cluster of links and ads, users will have more elbow room to navigate the […]

HastaMilan let you give feedback on dating sites profiles

Pratish Mistry launched a new website called HastaMilan that let users give their feedback about their online experience on dating sites. The site allows people to give a subjective opinion on over 42 millions profiles on Hundreds of popular dating websites, both Free and Paid ones. Hasta Milan allows you to rate dates and share experiences, […]

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