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Online Dating – What Not To Do


You’ve entered the terrifying world of online dating, and you’re frustrated and confused – what is it you’re doing wrong? What’s keeping the hot singles away? Here are some things to avoid.

1). Being too general/boring

2). Being too detailed – leave something to the imagination and don’t tell everyone your life story within your profile.

3). Trying too hard to be interesting – and sounding like a legitimate insane person in the process.

4). Being non-personal – send something to a potential connection that sounds like you, not like a robotic auto-response you’ve circulated to a thousand other dating sites.

5). Getting overly explicit – Some sites are about propositioning others for casual sex; dating sites are not necessarily these places. Be polite in your language and the pictures you send (yikes).

6). Being too complimentary – While compliments are nice, too many sounds like stalker territory or mentally unstable.

7). Being silent – don’t add somebody to your favorites list and then not say anything; that’s dating’s equivalent of standing behind someone and breathing heavily in their ear.


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