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Online Dating University of Kansas Researches



According to Lawrence Kan, the online dating services let online daters with a similar mindset like in face to face dating. The main step in reality dating is making the other person like you. It is similar for online dating as well as face to face dating. The basic thing that they get doing is to impress their partner for more appreciation.

There has been a recent survey that was carried by Jeffrey Hall among over 5000 online daters in the cyberspace to see what kind of persons get using these matchmaking services. For making someone like you, you might even lie and that’s what he questioned them about. He inquired about how they could lie about their personality to other persons online.

He finally concluded that the way someone might lie, will be in response to what he or she is. For intense, if you are skinny, you might be lying about it or try to hide it to the other person. You will always be trying to show yourself with things that you don’t possess or what the other individual likes. It is all in making you appreciated by others.

The one who will lie more at online dating sites are those who are really good in manipulation and have a good sense of observation. They will get to know each of the things that you like and changing themselves in your taste. For instance, if you like eating chocolate, they will also like it. Well, the whole stuff might not be definitely for manipulative purpose though. They might get doing it for the sole purpose of having someone who appreciates them.

It has been noted by these researches that men tend to lie more than the female online population. It is the same with face to face dating but it will be with less lies. This is something normal since in face to face dating, lies can easily be detected.

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