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Online Dating Revolution


A new study conducted by the Department of Sociology at Stanford University reveals the Internet leading the way in match-making. Three groups of people who statistically have a smaller selection of single people to choose from have found a way to meet their match and form a relationship through the use of online social networking and dating sites. These people are middle-aged heterosexuals, lesbians and gays. The study shows a 20 percent increase in these types of romantic relationships forming since the advent of the Internet.

At one time the consensus was that the amount of time spent on the Internet caused a lack of social interaction and face-to-face contact. The human psyche found a way to form bonds in the virtual world. These bonds led to strong friendships among all walks of life. The barriers that once restricted meeting people outside the real life circle in a community were gone. The dating pool became larger. People who would normally never meet in the real world were fast forming long-lasting relationships.

The study also noted that single people without an internet connection were less likely to be in a relationship than those singles with Internet access.


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Eric Dramamag said,  

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evanskiarie said,  

i need girl who wants love because i want to share my love with someone who will love me back.

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