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Online Dating Reveals: What’s in a Name ?


In a new study, it has been revealed that online dating profiles are less likely to be reviewed if the profile has an unattractive name. Such names include those like Kevin, Justin, Marvin, Dennis, Mandy, Celina, Chantal and Jacqueline. According to the study, these names are associated with troublemaking activities and as a result, get fewer views.

Best Worst Names online dating

The study was carried out in Berlin where psychologists sent out profiles to 47,000 online dating members. These profiles offered limited information – no pictures, only the member’s name and age were divulged along with the area where the member resides. Profiles that bared any of the above names experienced a significantly less amount of interest than the others. Popular names such as Jacob, Alexander, Charlotte, Emma, Hannah, Max, Marie, Peter and Mark experienced far more views.

This is not the only study of the kind to be carried out, although it is the largest. Two other studies involving between 4,000 and 6,000 members were carried out and also revealed similar results. If your name is on the list of unattractive names, this may be why online dating is not producing the desired results. Should you change your name on your profile for more views? It may increase your profile views but may also make you appear to be dishonest, choose a nickname if you want to test your results.

The study, while it revealed the characteristics for people with these names in relation to online dating, was also administered several years ago in schools as well. The results – teachers showed unfair prejudice against the children in their classes with these so-called unattractive names. The study was successful in proving that while it shouldn’t matter – a person’s name can define them and influence people’s opinions.


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