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Online Dating Popularity Boost


As technology is coming at the hands of more and more users, there are more people who are getting connected to the web. This will still not be the reason for online dating services to become famous. These online dating sites that you might know are constantly growing and their popularity too. The latest survey proves that online dating has succeeded to attract 30% of overall internet users. Mainly, there has been a big boost in the male population over these sites.

If you take into account the different online communities like Hi5, Bebo, Faceboook and others, you will rapidly deduce that there are many of these persons who are looking for romance online. There are many who are trying to look for someone to date. They surf across the web for the possibility to get a boyfriend or girlfriend.

BBC World has been the one responsible for carrying out the survey and the results are amazing. The increase has a contributing number of users from eleven different countries. Nevertheless, the greatest number of upcoming online daters is from India and Pakistan.

The least number will be coming from South Korea and this should be from the fact that the web technology is not accessible to all of South Koreans. Otherwise, even if most of the online dating websites are from Americans, it will be seen that only 21% of them use online dating services.

Yet, many of these new online daters believe that while being members on online dating sites, it brings dating easier. In fact, getting in relationship with someone online will be more complicated. There are many of the testimonials at online dating sites where the couple took 3 years to tell their friend that they love each other. There is more pressure on online dating sites for exchanging phone numbers and getting further. This is something that many new online daters do not take the time to think about.

While dating online, every member takes great precaution and start by knowing clearly the person whom they are in contact with. There will be many times when you will find that after some days of chatting, someone will block you. It is simply because you do not possess the qualities that she or he is searching in the unfound partner.

1 comment pour " Online Dating Popularity Boost "

Dennis Miedema said,  

Great post, especially the part about daters believing online dating makes meeting women easier.

As a dating coach, I meet a lot of guys who try online dating because they can’t meet women in “real life”.

They’re too shy, too silent, not that social or open, don’t know how to behave around women, and so on.

But online dating doesn’t make things easier: it just delays the problem.

Sure, approaching women is much easier online than it is in “real life”… but when you get a woman’s phone number or ask her out on a date?

You STILL need to learn how to get over your shyness, how to be open and social, how to behave around women, and how to create attraction in “real life.”

So no matter what you do, sooner or later you still have to meet women face-to-face. Online dating just delays the experience.

That’s why I always tell my fans and customers that online dating is a GREAT way to practice social skills and conversational skills…

But that they still need to work on their shyness, their insecurities and so on.

To More Dating Success,

Dennis Miedema
Win With Women

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