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Online Dating Myths


The main thing that attracts or makes the first impression on an online dating site is your profile photo.

This is the first thing that an online dating member will see before concluding to have a look at your profile. It doesn’t matter about anything but your profile photograph. This specific photograph has long generated various myths. There are many guys who believe that they should get showing their abs for getting a date or the girls tend to believe that they should be showing themselves sexy in a short dress or tight jeans. In reality, this is not at all the case.

One of those myths includes that one should have a photo uploaded with himself smiling. It is true for some reasons. Just consider the person looking directly in the camera without any smile on his face; it will be obvious that the photo will be intimidating. This is why it will be advisable for all the guys to look away from the camera and to smile for showing himself friendly.

Yet for girls, they seem more beautiful while they look at the camera and smile. Still many people believe that self taken photos on mobile phone cameras or web cams is not good. They bring up some points like the photo is of poor quality and is not presentable. Nevertheless, according to a survey the number of such low quality photos has shown success to their profile holders similar to those good quality profile photos. It will hence make no difference if you have taken a self picture of yourself and uploaded it on your profile. If your take it in consideration properly, it will show that you are honest and that it is yourself in real time not as many people do, uploading photos dating of 10 or 20 years back.

Yet, there exist a myth that one should always show his face on the photo that he uploads on his profile. The recent survey proves that this does not matter. If you upload a photo out of the common on your profile, this might be able to evoke another feeling in the members viewing it. It will seem mysterious and many will wish to view it. There are many who do it wanting to make a different impression and they do succeed. Online dating myths do exist but it is just upon you to use your brain to see if it is true.

4 comments pour " Online Dating Myths "

mimi said,  

even if pictures are shown online, we wouldn’t know if that person is using his real pic…be careful…i had a horrible experience regarding this… LMAO

singles groups said,  

It is true that there is a risk involved in online dating but at the end before meeting him or her you can ask for online chat and use webcam to clear your doubts. Frankly its not just about picture; long chats or talks can define the overall nature and thinking of person you are dating. So one should use senses before going into any serious relationship.


You have to be very careful in this day in age and use your better judgment when meeting people off line. My thoughts on online dating, as a professional working class woman it’s hard for me to actually hit the club scene or local bars (1) that’s just not my thing (2) I have to be careful about where I go and who I socialize with. I spend a lot of time on the internet so I kind of think internet chat/ meeting could be a great thing it just has to be done with caution.

CafeCupid said,  

Putting the right photos in profiles is the biggest issue for online daters and I agree with that post. Site administrator is the one who has to take care of those fake magazine pictures. Great post.

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