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Online Dating for Latter Day Saints (LDS) and Religious Members is becoming more popular


LDS Singles

Online dating sites that cater to members of religious affiliations have been significantly increasing in activity. Many members of Christian Churches and Latter Day Saints (LDS) church have moved online in an effort to secure partners. Online dating sites such as cater to religious members who simply want to meet people without the strain of family members pushing them to get married. By allowing members to search based on religious affiliation, the increased chance for making a connection exists.

The increase of online dating use by members of the LDS is the result of not being able to meet someone within their church community. It becomes necessary to look at other avenues, including online dating. While religious organizations may not look at online dating as a method of meeting a spouse –one in five relationships begin this way – it is apparent that online dating has become more significant in the last several years at helping people meet.

This is not to say that is the only dating site that caters to those who are devoted to their religion. and also offer the ability to search by religious affiliation as a way to meet other members with the same beliefs. It simply opens up a world where people are able to meet people with the same interests. Many members may live in the same community but have never had the chance to meet.

There has been no official stand made in regards to online dating by the Church of Latter Day Saints. However, the church does recognize that it encourages members to put forth effort in finding a spouse for life. Online dating is just a means of meeting people that a member would not otherwise have the opportunity to meet and many of these meetings do result in long lasting marriages.


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