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Online Dating communications up 50% for New Year


According to online dating site, increase in message volume was up 30% in the week before New Year’s eve and increased by 52% from last year for the new year.

“Every year there was an increase in activity around this time, but the past week was the biggest rise the site had seen in its 10 years of operation. Compared with this time last year, messages had increased by 52 per cent.

There was also a 13 per cent increase in new members signing up to the site between December 22 and 29 compared with last year.”


1 comment pour " Online Dating communications up 50% for New Year "

Sheppty said,  

I don’t think that if you are a christian that you sohuld date if you are trying to stay pure. You must stay away from all temptation. What are you going to be doing while dating that you can’t just do as friends and then if you are just friends you can really get to know a person because when you date you try to hide the real you and act perfect. And let god chose your husband or wife because if you try to do it we will chose someone that we want instead of who gods wants for us.

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