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New Online Dating Laws Launched in New York


There are presently new laws being amended to online dating in New York, which are normally being imposed for increasing security at online dating websites. These laws will definitely protect people from frauds and make internet dating safer than ever.

Internet dating is gradually increasing in popularity and, more and more people are using such services. It has accordingly not reached its peak and it was long time to reinforce the cyber laws concerning online dating.

An internet safety act has been set up and this will indicate the members using web dating services about the eminent dangers of meeting a stranger. There are many useful advices and tips that are contained in the act while taking the initiative to meet a stranger that singles might have known at the various existing online dating sites.

One mere example will be informing a third person before getting to a rendez-vous with a particular stranger or even to set the meeting at a public place. In addition the set laws also care for privacy of online daters.

It will also include laws that will restrict the online daters to include last names, phone numbers, place of work, email address or home address upon creating an online profile. Such restrictions will of course be for the protection of the members themselves. It will be crucial to keep and not to reveal such information on the web.

These specific measures were actually proposed four years back and indeed are greatly important for assuring safety of online daters since more and more teenagers and students are at stake joining online dating networks.

The bills that have been voted are simply an addition to the boost of online dating. Singles will now be able to join online dating sites free of worry for the fact that these laws have been set up for more internet security.

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