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The new Official Blog



The Official Blog keeps you up to date about romance and online dating news. It plays a great role in the romantic life of many Americans and naturally has brought in a different point of view for online dating. The blog also relates different experiences from its members. is one of the most leading Online Dating Site on the cyberspace and has been finding its way through it since 1993. The whole of the concept lies on an elaborate match for singles. Yet the blog is an addition to the credibility of the online dating site.

With more than 20 millions of registered members, keeps updating and ameliorating its online dating services. The blog will keep up to date all these developments and improvements upon its website for a better search among its members for finding the best match. The blog will also bring forward different tips that could help you in searching the real match that you need. The blog is very useful.

The blog will also be filling up their pages with the new acquisitions and what is more interesting is the real experiences from You will find that there have been many couples who have met each other through There experience sometimes seems incredible but interesting. It seems weird to find the right one for you so many miles away and meet them through such hazard.

The contributors of the blog are none other than Greg Blatt, Mandy Ginsberg, Dr. Helen Fisher and Whitney Casey. Privacy is greatly respected for the information that they collect are revealed to no other parties. These private information are only used for the purpose of meeting the aim of your membership, knowing your interests and also for the prize giving for the competition that you participate. The content of the members’ submission are closely monitored before any publication.

2 comments pour " The new Official Blog "

Max said,  

I checked the blog but I don’t like it very much. Seems like the blog is just a must have for big sites like, that is why they have it.

Larry Hoffmann said,  

Im looking to host a Stir event at my Restaurant/lounge in Roslyn Ny does anyone know how I would go about setting one up
Thank you, Larry

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