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My Right Someone : Serious Christian dating


Christian singles have more chances to find their beloved one easily and quickly thanks to The latter is a Christian dating service equipped with a number of tools which increase the chances of finding the life partner you’ve been looking for.

Drs. Les and Leslie Parrott, the brains behind this project, are real passionate about helping relationship to last longer and to be healthier. They are great experts in the study of Christian relationship and have been always active in this field. They held speeches all around the U.S. and even wrote many books which became best-sellers such as Saving Your Marriage before It Starts.

Myrightsomeone is the dating website freshly launched by the couple. Their goal is to provide Christian couples with basic and crucial tips with will improve the relationship and also to enable singles to find their perfect love; one which will last forever.

The Parrotts who are a Christian couples themselves provides a mixture of different online facilities such as social networking, instant messaging and interactive options which are very user friendly thus allowing everybody to communicate easily on the website. Unlike other Christian website, Myrightsomeone tends to think outside the box and go the next step beyond. It has a unique and successful means of matching singles. It analyses the four main types of personality parts i.e. mental mechanisms, mental models, traits and agencies.

Once on the website, the first thing you shall see would be the video tooltip which includes a brief presentation of the website and how to subscribe to the service. Note that you can visit the “Site tour” section to get an overview of all the different features available, such as the “L.O.V.E. Style” matching mechanism that guarantees the perfect match based upon your preferences! There’s also FAQ section that will shed the light on the most common questions about the website and if you need some tips about love, online dating , maintaining your relationships or else, make sure to check out the “Right Someone University” section for some e-books.

Subscription to the Myrightsomeone service is quick and intuitive; simply fill in the appropriate information and you’ll be ready for some serious online dating.

2 comments pour " My Right Someone : Serious Christian dating "

Annette Santiago said,  

Hi my name is Annette, I would like to meet a man of God who loves the LORD as much as I do, and who is serious about their relationship with Christ. I hope to met a man who is looking to get Married, and spend the rest of his life with the woman that God has for him as Boaz did with Ruth. A man who enjoy serving other and love to go for long walks and who would like to travel and see the goodness of the Lord.

Bernadine said,  

Hi, I am Bernadine. I would love to meet a man that loves the Lord with all his heart and someone with high standards and morals. Im hoping to find love, who will be my best friend and eventually my husband.

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