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Modern Matchmaking for Spiritual Singles


If you are a religious or spiritual single person, chances are that you have encountered much difficulty in meeting your soul mate, let alone actually finding a suitable date that shares your interests and faith.

As with all areas of society, dating is constantly on a swinging pendulum from one trend to the next. And the faith-based dating realm is no different. eHarmony is one such outlet that has been considered over the last decade amongst many singles who hold high regard for finding someone who shares a common faith and compatibility. There have been numerous success stories provided by the scientific matching approach that eHarmony boasts about.

However, with that scientific matching system, one must relax their rating of religion and faith to be given more than a handful of matches. Erica Bregman experienced this firsthand. Bregman, a marketing and communications professional in Ottawa, has an Orthodox Jewish background from childhood. Though she does not hold completely to the Orthodox faith entirely as an adult, she does want to incorporate the Jewish faith and culture into her future marriage and family life. Upon ranking that religion was an important 10, the highest ranking on eHarmony profiles, unfortunately she only received a few match potentials. However, once she lowered her ranking to an 8 she received an onslaught of potential matches.

Though eHarmony is just one avenue that religious singles are pursuing, there is another dating outlet that has become fairly popular amongst the faith-based crowd: speed dating. Though not commonly a religiously supported means of matchmaking, speed dating has gained momentum and is quickly becoming an alternate form of meeting and siphoning through potential matches. One such speed dating company, FastLife Speed Dating, which covers sectors all over the world including Ottawa, sets up many speed dating events every week in various locations. Even more encouraging for faith-driven singles is that a few of those events every month are constructed around religion.

After signing up for FastLife, members will receive an invitation to many of the events that hold to their profile preferences, including religion. Each event hosts the same amount of single men and women with similar lifestyles interests and beliefs in a local restaurant. A few minutes per session is provided for each single to adequately talk to other singles on a one-on-one basis, and can then rate on a card who they would be interested in meeting again. The next day everyone receives an individual e-mail with contact information for potential matches who expressed interest in them.

Regardless of your faith or religious beliefs, we all face similar challenges when searching for the person we want to spend the rest of our life with. Sometimes, finding the right person means we must be flexible and compromise some of our “must-haves” and the very means of searching to find our soul mate.

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