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MetNote : Post a Note



Online dating services have been conceived up to make dating easier than ever. Yet, there are more concepts for dating that are emerging to the surface. One of these innovative formulas is brought forward by The system is simple and clear. If you have a crush for someone, you can leave a note online for that specific person.

Posting a note can be made at real ease. If you meet someone and like him or her, start developing feelings and you want to ask that person out, simply click on “Post a Note”. The interface offers easy navigation and you will be directed to a further page.

Just fill your name and the name of the one for whom you are posting the message. Enter your email address, when and where you met with that lucky person, and leave your note! You might be thinking that if you do not know the person’s name, what you should do. It will then be wise to give a description of the person.

One outstanding feature is that you can edit the notes later on. This is essential for you might have your feelings changing or feel that it was simply attraction and no love at all.

When the person you met gets to read the post, he or she will be able to contact you back through your email address. Nevertheless, the privacy settings hide the email addresses. This ensures that there are no fraudulent acts or harassments that occur.

In addition, if there’s any trouble, they have a support team at your availability to which you need to send a message. They will take it in consideration and contact you back in some 24 hours. There are many interesting features for those who are looking for notes that might have been posted for them. You can find notes through particular aspects like cities or date. Jot down your feelings or find out who are your secret lovers right now at!

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