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Meexo Dating App


You might not think about iOS apps when you think about South by Southwest, but app developers are using the event as a platform to boost their careers. This is the case with Meexo, a company that first emerged at TechCrunch Disrupt can now call itself the winner of the SXSW Accelerator Competition, which focuses on mobile apps, social media and Web entertainment. After winning the competition, Meexo went ahead to release its dating app on Apple’s app store in March 2012.

Meexo dating mobile app

Another dating app for iOS? You heard it, right. Unfortunately for users, many of the dating apps haven’t been so fantastic or are only worthwhile if you’re already a member of the existing website. Meexo is trying differentiate itself, however, with some interesting methods. For starters, it will block your Facebook friends so none of your suggestion are people you already know (Oops!). Romain David, the CEO of Meexo, also explains how the app learns about your preferences, similar to Pandora, but for dating.

We don’t love the idea that the app tethers itself to your device, but we do appreciate that Meexo is trying to block fake accounts. Right now, the app requires you to earn in-app currency to send messages by recruiting others, so that’s another limitation. That gets old pretty fast, so we hope the company provides a future alternative.

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