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Meetmoi Integrates with Facebook Places


MeetMoi is an online dating service and has its own mobile application, the MeetMoi Now software. Unlike most of online dating sites, it provides the opportunity to its over 25 000 registered members to get online anytime, anywhere and enjoy its services. MeetMoi, the leading mobile dating service is integrating itself with Facebook Places for providing exceptional services.

Facebook is, at the time being, the largest social networking website joining millions of people around the world and its innovative location based feature, the Facebook Places is booming. It is a really good and helpful application even though it has some limitations. Anyone can make use of the application through their mobile phones and it will be easy to have the Facebook Places merged to MeetMoi Now.

Its services will hence get enhanced with more improved features while working in cooperation with Facebook Places. Its mobile application has already been a successful application that many of its users have greatly appreciated for its automatic updates. It will be targeting a larger market with this new merge.

Yet, this amalgamation will bring on easier and more rapid location updates and radically more consumer satisfaction. The whole combined services can easily be activated by letting your MeetMoi Now application sync with your Facebook account. The Dating service will therefore retrieve the various information for carrying out the best matchmaking in the surrounding.

However, the security settings have been well worked on for no one to be revealed your locations. This assures that there are fraudulent acts that cause trouble to its users. This unusual fusion will obviously bring on more potential matches and therefore deliver a rated service to all of members.

The integration was announced on the 31st August 2010 and works on the additional data that it obtains from Facebook Places. Moreover, the day to day lives’ happenings will also be accounted for more enthusiast match making. The fusion of these two well known companies brings on real life dating aspects. If you consider the element of real life dating and mobile dating, you will finally come to the conclusion that the main thing in common is the mobile phone being used. Accordingly, we can conclude that the integration brings back singles to the basics of dating.

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