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If you follow celebrity gossip, you already know about the highly publicized Demi-Ashton divorce proceedings. What you may not know, however, is that Demi’s best pal Jennifer Aniston, is encouraging Demi to try online dating with a popular site – When Jenn split up with Brad Pitt, she turned to as a way to increase her confidence. If Demi’s recent comments are of any indication, she could use some confidence herself. She has commented in interviews that she does not feel worthy of being loved.

How does online dating work for celebrities, though – especially high profile celebrities like Demi Moore? When high profile celebrities turn to online dating, the standard rules still apply. However, because of the famous nature of celebrities, it can be daunting to put oneself out there publicly. Not to mention that extra security precautions should be exercised.

With Demi’s recent outings with her new model boyfriend, also a National Guardsman, she may not find herself in need of online dating services. While her divorce from Ashton is still young, she is cautiously proceeding in new relationships. Whether or not she will take her best friend’s advice has yet to be seen – the prospect, however, is exciting. is designed for both men and women seeking love or friendship. The site launched in 1995 and has grown exponentially since. Many members have found true love on the site and it is not too far fetched to believe that celebrities like Demi Moore could benefit from the site’s services.

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