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Mary is a free online dating website, launched in February 2005, which is absolutely exceptional. It actually offers various services to its registered members for online dating, sex counselling as well as how to become successful in relationships. Patrick Dines, its founder, should be proud of such achievement.

They have been expanding their quality services and boasting since long over its thousands of members. is currently on sale for 100 000 US dollars. The services provided are mainly for confident singles for maintaining their relationships and bringing them living together for life.

Nevertheless, it will also provide advices on how to keep short term dating experiences pleasurable. It uses a scientific method for its matching concept. This is what assures its quality services to provide the best matches to its members.

Unlike most online dating websites, consists of a larger female community accounting it to a 67% proportion. There is already 500 000 active members who have been registered for enjoying its services. Its privacy and security settings are special providing you enough safety for your personal information not to land in hands of third parties. also offers some interesting tests that may reveal to you many answers. It is actually Personality tests. It will entirely be based upon long term scientific researches for bringing the best results.

Some examples of these personality tests will be of how emotional you are, whether your partner could be cheating you or if you are a lover or a player. Each of the personality tests will help you in developing your individual qualities in dating.

For instance, the “Are you a lover or a player?” personality test will help you in determining the role of sex in a relationship. It is essential to know yourself before finding a partner and knowing him or her better. The advices and tips through the personality tests are the most famous features of

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