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Lonely Activists Seeking Love @ManifDating in Montreal


Lonely activists seeking love now have somewhere to turn. Kenza Chaouai, or @ManifDating on Twitter, is working hard to help activists in Canada to hook up after meeting at protests and other activist events.

Manif Dating

Chaouai recently moved to Montreal to take a position as the Public Relations Manager of After taking that position, she started hearing that young Canadians were meeting at protests and needed a way to reconnect after the events were complete. This inspired her to create a Twitter account in the hopes of helping individuals to reconnect. Chaouai states she has not helped to create any lasting or romantic relationships yet, but she has helped individuals to reconnect and form friendships.

She appears to be proud of that. Her Twitter account has attracted more than 450 followers, and she states there has been no negative feedback to date. Chaouai makes no secret of the fact that she is also looking for love herself, and she hopes that special someone is out there and maybe even finds her through @ManifDating.

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