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Long Distance Dating


Gone are the times when dating was considered something which is only possible with eye to eye contact. Nowadays, technology has advanced to an extent that you can watch your man or woman live from thousands of kilometers. There is telephone, there is video and above all there is internet. The airplanes are getting faster and faster to reduce the distances and it is very easy to go and meet your girlfriend. If you are in a long distance dating, this article is for you. You should keep few things in mind so that your romance stays warm forever and the hearts keep on throbbing for each other for long time.

Meeting in Person: This is a first and foremost thing. You should not try to stay away from each other for more than fifteen days at the most. Distances do increase the warmth in a relation but when it is for long time, this may even decrease the romance. It is advised to you to stay in constant touch and share feelings with your girlfriend.

Phone Contact: Try to stay in regular contact frequently and if you are busy you can have a call at a fixed time. You might be busy with your work life but it is advised to you, not to forget making that fixed call at least once a day. Do not wait for your partner to call every time but it is wise to take the initiative and make a call. It is better to wish the partner for minute things like a good morning call or a good night call. Do not forget to wish on special occasions like birth days or interviews etc. You can share personal problems and solutions too if both are comfortable to share them. Do not try to scratch her too much for anything or else she might get irritated.

Avoid Over contact: Be aware of the fact that excess of everything is bad. Same goes with over contact too. Your little calls for few minutes can bring more magic, as compared to a long call after few days. This will maintain a constant contact and also, this will keep you both well connected with each others day to day happenings in life. The over contact can leave you with nothing to speak when you actually meet your date.

Gifting: Make your date feel special. It is advised to keep sending small gifts. You don’t always need to give huge gifts which might prove too heavy for your wallet. Instead, a small gift on right time can bring lots of charisma in a romantic relationship. Save the big gifts for the day when you meet your date in person. That day plan a special dinner and gift her with something nice and memorable. There is nothing better than a good wine and dine in a romantic relationship. A gift will prove to her that you do care for her and you are pinning for her.

Future planning: If you have few things in mind about the future, it is better to discuss them prior to the meeting in person. Things like job shifting for one of them may turn into a major issue in a relationship later on. It is better to talk about these things indirect and wait for the response. Analyze it and if it is appropriately suitable for you, you should proceed further.

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