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Jiayuan is China’s Biggest Online Dating Site



Jiayuan is the most popular dating website in China. The website was created in 2003 and has been growing considerably ever since, becoming one of the most used dating sites in the entire world.

What makes so appealing to its users is that it gives their users the chance to explore all the features of the site free of charge, and will only charge a small fee for the first message delivered. After the message is paid for then all other communication between the users is free. For the users who send or receive numerous first time messages with other users the site does offer user plans that give them unlimited access to messages during their subscription.

The website also holds real-life events for users to meet each other, and in 2008 held over 670 real life meeting gatherings for their users. The website has on record 40.2 million registered accounts now taking the lead against the hugely popular which won the Guinness Book of World Records for its 21 million active users.

The online dating site has also recently just opened into the IPO giving investors the chance to participate in the growth of The online dating business in China is growing considerably and is still in its early stages, but is very popular and expected to grow rapidly. Shares have starting at $11 each on Nasdaq, and are a great opportunity for investors to get into the possible money making opportunities that is offering up.

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