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EHarmony throws, its new website in the battle of the online dating community. The website offers a completely new dating experience with some special features allowing its members to find exactly what they are looking for and it is one of the safest online dating sites.

EHarmony like many other dating websites specializes itself into matching single men with single women. But unlike other websites, EHarmony tends to think out of the box all the time. Neil Clark Warren, one of the founders, is also a psychologist and the website was developed as he wanted to prove his theory that particular characteristics of the being can predict compatibility thus leading to a conclusive and successful relationships. Eharmony also have several EHarmony labs which act as a relationship research facility and EHarmony Advice which give tips and advices on how to make and even strengthen relationships.

Dating sites are becoming more and more fructuous and EHarmony with the launching of wants to compete with the best in the business. for instance generates hundreds of millions of dollars and’s aim is to match this proficiency and even surpass it.

About offers an improved dating experience. It is equipped with various tools that will enable you to find somebody that matches your personality and vice versa. The motto of the website is ‘Real Profiles. Real People. Real Connections’. intends to become the biggest online dating site in the U.S and the website has many interesting features that can make it happen. Here’s a short list:

•Every member has to fill up a profile with complete details. The chances of making concrete connections with other singles increases. Profiles and photos are being thoroughly checked by customer care agents and anything suspicious is being reviewed.

• is among the few dating companies which protects all your data of its members from search engines and third-party sites. Furthermore, only its members can see and check the profiles of the rest of the community.

•The matching concept has designed based on an original set of questions in such a way that you will easily find a single which fits perfectly to your expectations and your own personality. Special questions like ‘What does it mean to be powerful?’, ‘Do you believe a sixth sense exists?’ or even rate how important things are to you.

•Once you are a member, you will benefit considerably from the proven conversation starters which enable to have easy access to other singles members. You’ll get to how many things about them such as their fears, secret talents, the funniest situation they’ve been through and so on.

•The search feature will automatically block the singles that are not compatible with your personality.

There are many other nice features on which will enable you to find your perfect match. EHarmony wants to have a firm grip on the online community and Jazzed has the potential to rival any of well established online dating websites.

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evans said,  

i want to be a good husband to a lovely wife.

esther said,  

jazzed is an interesting i pleading on just staff to extend this site to wworld wide

henryjames19 said,  

looking for some one that will take of me

Tina said,  

I think jazz is a joke, I communicated with one person, after that I was not able to get my emails that people sent me nor was I able to send emails.

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